Environmental Programs


Our inspectors work hard, day and night, to protect our waterways from potential pollution so we can all enjoy clean water for fishing, swimming, and drinking. They inspect outfalls during dry and wet weather events, checking for pollution and tracing it back to the source if pollution is found. 

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Bedbug information can be found here. 

Bedbugs are a nuisance and do not spread disease. 

Tick information can be found here.  Information on how to submit a tick for disease surveillance testing can be found here.  

Flea information can be found here. 

Ticks and fleas are vectors and can spread disease. 

Smoking is generally prohibited in indoor public places with a few exceptions, including but not limited to, bingo halls with a non-smoking section and in existing establishments that hold a private club designation as permitted by the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission.

These exemptions apply to existing businesses only and will not be available to new owners of any bingo hall or private club. Additionally, smoking is not allowed within 25 feet of any door, operable window or vent, or other opening to an indoor enclosed area. Smoking is still allowed on patios if it is not covered and has less than 40% of its perimeter closed in by walls or other coverings of any material.

Non-exempted food establishments must post a conspicuous sign either clearly stating No Smoking, City of Garland Ordinance or the international No Smoking symbol at each public entrance. No Smoking signs shall have bold lettering of not less than 1-inch in height.